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Lulu Hamilton
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If you really love someone, you want more for them than you want for yourself. Do you understand?

Do you see that fisherman? He goes out every day, comes back every night. Hardly catches any fish. What keeps him from going insane? From being so tired of it all? What is it we don't know?

: I figured out your fisherman. He goes with the tide. You let it pull you out to sea or guide you back in. Sometimes you have to move with it. Sometimes, honey, that's all we can do.

Petőfi Sándor: End of September (Szeptember végén in English)

Portre of Petőfi Sándor

Petőfi Sándor

Szeptember végén (Hungarian)

Még nyílnak a völgyben a kerti virágok,
Még zöldel a nyárfa az ablak előtt,
De látod amottan a téli világot?
Már hó takará el a bérci tetőt.
Még ifju szivemben a lángsugarú nyár
S még benne virít az egész kikelet,
De íme sötét hajam őszbe vegyűl már,
A tél dere már megüté fejemet.

Elhull a virág, eliramlik az élet...
Űlj, hitvesem, űlj az ölembe ide!
Ki most fejedet kebelemre tevéd le,
Holnap nem omolsz-e sirom fölibe?
Oh mondd: ha előbb halok el, tetemimre
Könnyezve borítasz-e szemfödelet?
S rábírhat-e majdan egy ifju szerelme,
Hogy elhagyod érte az én nevemet?

Ha eldobod egykor az özvegyi fátyolt,
Fejfámra sötét lobogóul akaszd,
Én feljövök érte a síri világból
Az éj közepén, s oda leviszem azt,
Letörleni véle könyűimet érted,
Ki könnyeden elfeledéd hivedet,
S e szív sebeit bekötözni, ki téged
Még akkor is, ott is, örökre szeret!


End of September (English)

Below in the valley the flowers are resplendent,
Outside by the window the poplars still glow,
But see where the winter, already ascendant,
Has covered the far distant hilltops with snow.
My heart is still bathed in the fierce sun of passion,
All spring is in bloom there, by spring breezes tossed,
But look how my hair turns hoary and ashen,
Its raven black touched by the premature frost.

The petals are falling and life is declining.
Come sit in my lap, my beloved, my own!
You, with your head, in my bosom repining,
Tomorrow perhaps will you mourn me alone?
Tell me the truth: should I die, will your sorrow
Extend to the day when new lovers prepare
Your heart for forsaking, insisting you borrow
Their name, and abandon the one we now share?

If once you should cast off the black veil of mourning,
Let it stream like a flag from the cross where I lie,
And I will arise from the place of sojourning
To claim it and take it where life is put by,
Employing it there to dry traces of weeping
For a lover who could so lightly forget,
And bind up the wounds in the heart in your keeping
Which loved you before and will worship you yet.

Szirtes, George
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12208798 832833956814423 7310843570685391373 N by LuluHamilton

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12194545 831662040264948 1667658095470688653 O by LuluHamilton

12191177 827153680715784 8344065024410575757 O by LuluHamilton

12185049 826450287452790 4266428532894812304 O by LuluHamilton

12182751 831346063629879 1451626779973592512 O by LuluHamilton

12132382 824510430980109 2744279127769827711 O by LuluHamilton

12030550 825318084232677 7734940569823817116 O by LuluHamilton

12188077 833484346749384 2274154950266762597 O by LuluHamilton

12195115 830870770344075 8787447221811246490 O by LuluHamilton

12194545 831662040264948 1667658095470688653 O by LuluHamilton

12244361 832115676886251 8984319336926159092 O by LuluHamilton



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